Bay Area Hospital Openings

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Several hospital openings have taken place in the Bay Area over the past few years. These include new facilities at Johns Hopkins and Washington Hospital, along with several others. In fact, this year marks the 60th anniversary of Washington Hospital’s founding, making it one of the longest operating hospitals in the country.

Washington Hospital’s Center for Joint Replacement is one of the new facilities that opened during this time. The new building marks the start of a new era for joint care at Washington Hospital. The facility features state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment. In addition, it is designed to be paperless, which allows medical personnel to manage patient data electronically.

The new facility also features a state-of-the-art laboratory information system (LIS), called Beaker. This system supports workflow for clinical pathology and laboratory services.

The new facility also features a hyperbaric chamber that allows patients to experience increased oxygen in their bloodstreams. This technology is especially useful during difficult surgeries.

Another notable opening at Washington Hospital is the Maternal Child Education Center, which focuses on prenatal education. In addition to the new center, the hospital also launched a new Health Insurance Information Service to help consumers learn more about their health insurance options.

Washington Hospital also received an Environmental Excellence Award from Practice Greenhealth for its efforts in protecting the environment. The center also received a “Top Performer” award in the customer service category from Healthgrades. This facility also features a pet therapy program.

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